19 August 2010

The Garden is Giving

I did not expect to see one of Patsy Cline's eggs before I left for spain, so you can imagine my delight when I went out this morning and she was still in the roost. I thought, perhaps she is laying a blue egg! I opened the door to the roost and she hopped up from a spot in the corner. She laid her egg right on top of Wynonna's egg, except that hers was GREEN! I am so excited that I am going to bring the green egg down to Pine State and see if Kevin can't fix me up a little green eggs and ham. 

All those potatoes and shallots and beans and carrots and tomatoes and eggs are from yesterdays harvest. I made hashbrowns with everything you see there. The carrots are earthy and bitter raw, but cooking them brought out the sweetness I was hoping for.

Also pictured is a fried quail egg. I find it hard to eat the quail eggs because they are so cute and precious, but I accidentally cracked this one with excitement so I had to eat it! It was absurdly tasty. 

13 August 2010

Thunder Eggs

Not only were there two chicken eggs in the coop today (Loretta's first, Wynonna's third!) but there was also a TINY QUAIL EGG!!!!!!!!! It was there, on the railing where the quail are always hanging out. I don't know why she didn't go into her tiny quail condo to lay, but I guess that's how teen moms do it these days. I am going to eat it because I accidentally cracked it- such a fragile egg it was! 
My heart explodes.

11 August 2010

If you were wondering where I went

As you can see, we picked 60 pounds of blueberries. Today, Wynonna laid her first egg. That is all.