28 May 2010

Maine is Where the Lobster is

I just got back from a special visit home to my family. My mom threw me a pre-graduation graduation party, and I got to visit with my friends and family and eat lots of cheese all at once. I also: had the best waffles of my life (made by my grandma Mamie who uses Marion Cunningham's raised waffle recipe and oh my god is it good.), a lobster roll with chips on it (a mere two hours after the waffles), mussels on a dock with my mom, and an ice cream cone from Brown's  with my brother. It was the best visit ever. It didn't hurt that it was hot and sunny the whole time- I even managed to get a terrible sunburn whilst relaxing at the beach! 

I will always be a Maine girl at heart, but I sure am glad to be back at the fancy acre with my boys and girls. Although Jacky did eat a bunch of trash last night and the chickens destroyed the collard green patch. I can't help but love them anyway. 

17 May 2010

Summer Approaches

It has been spectacularly summery here for the past few days. The sun is out, the plants are growing, there is basil and zucchini at the farmers market. Rhubarb is still hanging in there- I hope we get a few more weeks.
There is also meat at the farmers market! We were so excited to see Olympic Provisions at the Hollywood market right near our house. We didn't get any salami this weekend, but you bet that time I go I will get some.

These radishes are just asking for some butter and salt. I didn't buy any of these either, instead buying yet another bunch of sweet carrots and a box of snap peas. I can't help myself.
We saw these bird houses on our walk home. How adorable. I want that. 

14 May 2010

What Chickens?

Just one of the gang 's all. See what else is going on at the farm over at Fancy Acre! Hint- a LOT.

13 May 2010

carrots in love

I entered the walk-in at work last week only to be greeted by these snuggling babies. I squealed so loudly that the cooks heard me through the industrial door and knew immediately what I had discovered. I continued cooing over them long enough that they let me take them home with me, where I have loved them ever since. I can't eat them, I can't throw them away- they are holding me hostage with love. 

Tree House Livin

Last weekend Kevin and I went on a one night trip to Tree House Point for our anniversary. The treehouse was cozy and warm with lots of windows that let in the sound of the river below and green light from all the moss hanging from the trees! There were little trails and paths through the forest leading to clearings edged with tiny lights, and the river was clear and cold and I wanted to go swimming (but didn't). The owners built a giant hammock in the tops of some trees near the river, and we did some serious horsing around and also relaxing up there. We drank lots of beer and champagne right out of the bottle, and went to a really crappy restaurant in town for burgers when we realized we could not survive off of stinky cheese and bread alone. 
The next morning we drove into Seattle. Since we approached the city from a different direction than usual we got to see parts of the city that we had never explored before. But then we just skipped past those parts and cruised over to Ballard where we ate pastries and visited the (second) largest water locks in the world! Or US- or something! We even visited the underwater salmon ladder, but saw only one tiny fish that could have been anything. NOT COOL. 
I am homesick for the treehouse. One night was not enough. We will be back. Oh yes, we will be back. 

09 May 2010


How cute is my mom? Cuter than yours, that's for sure. Sticking her hand in a box of chicks. I love you mom!

I have been spending a lot of time with a pregnant lady recently, and although she is the happiest, most calm pregnant woman I have ever met, I have realized that being a mom is challenging from day one.
Happy mothers day Holly! You are going to be a great mom.

OK my darlings, I am heading off into the wilderness. Here, to be specific:
Food and flowers when I get back.

01 May 2010

The Cutest

I wish all packaging looked exactly like this. Thanks Nic-y

Spring Mushrooms!

Admittedly I had nothing to do with these mushrooms. I didn't forage them, I didn't eat them (sad face) but I did photograph them! Late on Sunday night when we were finishing our rabbit feast, Scott and Brandon got home and dumped all these beautiful morels on the table. Brandon helped us when we went chanterelle hunting, so I'm pretty sure he is some kind of mushroom whisperer. I'm going to buy some soon at the farmers market and make bread pudding. 

Rabbit Sacrifice

Nic and Dan killed two of their rabbits and we ate one of them for dinner. Nic's arms were covered in scratches from battle, but he felt good about it. He said it was peaceful and respectful, they thanked the rabbits and killed them quickly. I wont tell you the other things he said about it because I don't want the world to see Nic's cold blooded nature, but I will say that he is a natural born killer. 
We grilled the rabbit with spring onions, asparagus and carrots. We had a proper strawberry poppy seed salad and Hassleback potatoes, which I made a few years ago while camping and have never forgotten their charm. We drank Jura Chardonnay, my fave, and generally raised hell. So glad to be back in the produce months where things are full of color and flavor!

I made it again.

Rhubarb Meringue Tart. It's so good I made it again, and I think it was better this time. I cooked the rhubarb in dry vermouth instead of orange juice, and I used Nic's oven which browns things like its it's job. A triumph.