28 May 2010

Maine is Where the Lobster is

I just got back from a special visit home to my family. My mom threw me a pre-graduation graduation party, and I got to visit with my friends and family and eat lots of cheese all at once. I also: had the best waffles of my life (made by my grandma Mamie who uses Marion Cunningham's raised waffle recipe and oh my god is it good.), a lobster roll with chips on it (a mere two hours after the waffles), mussels on a dock with my mom, and an ice cream cone from Brown's  with my brother. It was the best visit ever. It didn't hurt that it was hot and sunny the whole time- I even managed to get a terrible sunburn whilst relaxing at the beach! 

I will always be a Maine girl at heart, but I sure am glad to be back at the fancy acre with my boys and girls. Although Jacky did eat a bunch of trash last night and the chickens destroyed the collard green patch. I can't help but love them anyway. 


g.animalz said...

i'm so glad your back! i need internet entertainment from you. but i iz also terribly upset that i haven't been to maine since i was 12.

Kevin Atchley said...

i am jealous of everything but the last photo

Anonymous said...

Are those... mason jar cocktail glasses with fish on them? Yeah, I'm going to need the name of that restaurant and a bigger purse.