06 June 2010

That Bread Everyone's Always Talking About/Already Blogged About

I know, I know. Everyone and their blind grandma already made this bread. Well, so did I and it's just so attractive that I couldn't help but put it up on the old Staff Meal blerg. Look at that loose crumb! And that distinctively french looking crust! You're probably saying to yourself or to the dog sitting on your lap, "That loaf is so picturesque- it must be her tenth or eleventh attempt!" You can go ahead tell your dog that it's my first try and I'm not usually a natural at things so this has to be a really easy recipe. Being the lazy, no, efficient, broad that I am, I won't bother copying down the recipe for you. After all, Smitten Kitchen already did it, the New York Times is hot for it, Wednesday Chef was all over it, and heck, even Martha wanted a piece of the action. Of course, the original  comes from Jim Lahey (not from the Trailer Park Boys, sadly) over at Sullivan Street Bakery. Which I have never been to, but if anyone wants to fly me there for a tour I would probably go. 
All you need for this recipe is some flour, yeast, salt, water and a dutch oven. Go fourth and bake bread! Oh yeah and plan ahead because the dough has to ferment for 17 long hours.

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