23 June 2010


I was planning on being full of despair if it was another hideous, cold day today, but it's not, so instead I'm just really tired. The sun really takes it out of you, when you know it's just right there outside your window!!!
Seriously though, this spring has sucked it big time as far as the weather goes. I'd say we held up pretty well as a people, we Portlanders, but sadly the cherries did not. I have some in my tree, but at least 30% less than last year and they are all green and tiny if not rotten and shriveled. Those cherries up there in the photo are from California, where the sun still shines and plants don't just die on you like traitors. Just kidding cherry tree! I know it's not your fault. But I am a little pissed at the sun for being so distant and flakey. 
Meanwhile, the raspberry bushes are out in full force. We have this routine where every day I go out and eat all of the ripe ones off the bush, and then the next day there is a whole new batch ready for me. It's perfect. I get to eat just enough to not get a stomach ache, and then the slightly unripe ones can get enough love from the plant to ripen for the next day. The few that escape my discovery and become overripe go to the chickens who are bat shit crazy for them. They, unlike the bluebirds, aren't smart enough to pick them on their own- YET. But luckily for them I like to watch them scramble around with raspberries on their beaks and I feed them by hand. The little darlings. 

One last thing: how good does this recipe look? I love her. I'm going to make that soon-ish.


g.animalz said...

i ate a cherry on monday, but usually i eat blueberry. i get them from the store or from the farmers market. thats where the berries are.
yesterday, even tho i ate blueberry, i cried at my desk.

Jenny said...

ah New York, you're breaking g.'s heart.
I hate to imagine you crying at your desk! Come, let me carry you in a baby bjorn.