22 November 2010

Holladays, Approaching

Right now in Portland, Oregon, it is snowing. The ground is not frozen yet, instead it is wet and muddy. The chickens are confused, the dogs are restless, and I am coming down with a cold. In short, the holidays are here! Despite my list of seemingly complain-y things, I couldn't be much more excited this year. I am thrilled that it is snowing! I heard Christmas music on the radio today and I turned it up! 

Part of the reason I am so excited is that my brother and his girl are coming to visit for thanksgiving. The other part is all the cooking and being together that I know is about to take place. I love the idea of christmasy cheer and decorations but really it's thanksgiving that holds my heart. No pressure, just eating. No wrapping paper, just pie crust. I need to dig out my eatin' pants.

This year I am making: 
-Roasted cauliflower salad with beets, pomegranates and a broken olive vinaigrette
-Mashed celery root with lemon
-Sparkling sherry punch 
-Ants on a log

and Kevin is making:
-Turkey stuffed with chanterelle and sweet potato biscuit dressing (I'm hoping he will include chestnuts) 
-Boozy pumpkin pies 

I know these dishes are in the works from other family members: 
-Cranberry bread
-Creamed oninos
-Grilled turkey
-Apple pie
-Butter beans done up southern

I'm on tenterhooks wondering what else we will have.

What are you having?

13 November 2010

Definitely Not Still In Spain

I'm sorry gentle readers. I have just not felt like blerging since I got home. It has been great getting back into the swing of things- hanging out with Kevin and our doggies, visiting with my friends, cooking, working, working and working. I came home to business cards, so my list of responsibilities has grown quite a bit. It is great, but lots of changes have my head spinning. 

A quick news update (but mostly just a list of things I need advice on):
-The quail were brutally murdered by a rat. We are looking for rat killing options that do not put the chickens or dogs at risk of poisoning or injury. Ideas? Also, how sad is that???
-I just bought that beautiful savoy cabbage! Now what?
-I will write about Spain someday, but not yet. 

I am not sure how this blogging thing will go. I think I will try to write more, but I'm not sure. I thought a lot about it while I was away and couldn't quite decide if it makes sense to me anymore or not. A small voice says, "write!" Then another small voice says "why?". But for now, I'm going to try to at least put up some photos of the glory that is November in Portland (rainy, cold, grey).