01 May 2010

Rabbit Sacrifice

Nic and Dan killed two of their rabbits and we ate one of them for dinner. Nic's arms were covered in scratches from battle, but he felt good about it. He said it was peaceful and respectful, they thanked the rabbits and killed them quickly. I wont tell you the other things he said about it because I don't want the world to see Nic's cold blooded nature, but I will say that he is a natural born killer. 
We grilled the rabbit with spring onions, asparagus and carrots. We had a proper strawberry poppy seed salad and Hassleback potatoes, which I made a few years ago while camping and have never forgotten their charm. We drank Jura Chardonnay, my fave, and generally raised hell. So glad to be back in the produce months where things are full of color and flavor!

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