13 May 2010

Tree House Livin

Last weekend Kevin and I went on a one night trip to Tree House Point for our anniversary. The treehouse was cozy and warm with lots of windows that let in the sound of the river below and green light from all the moss hanging from the trees! There were little trails and paths through the forest leading to clearings edged with tiny lights, and the river was clear and cold and I wanted to go swimming (but didn't). The owners built a giant hammock in the tops of some trees near the river, and we did some serious horsing around and also relaxing up there. We drank lots of beer and champagne right out of the bottle, and went to a really crappy restaurant in town for burgers when we realized we could not survive off of stinky cheese and bread alone. 
The next morning we drove into Seattle. Since we approached the city from a different direction than usual we got to see parts of the city that we had never explored before. But then we just skipped past those parts and cruised over to Ballard where we ate pastries and visited the (second) largest water locks in the world! Or US- or something! We even visited the underwater salmon ladder, but saw only one tiny fish that could have been anything. NOT COOL. 
I am homesick for the treehouse. One night was not enough. We will be back. Oh yes, we will be back. 

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lightwood said...

WOW. That treehouse is amazing! Straight out of one of my childhood fantasies