24 April 2011

He Was a Good Boy

He was terrified of docks and bridges!


Here are Owen, Mr. Man and Hiro all doing a lawn project together last spring. We miss you all!

Exactly one year ago.

The old dog club (Lynne and I not included in said club)


                                                                       His Favorite.


How those chickens taunted him!

This last week, we had to put Hiro down. He was very old. His hips could no longer support him. Getting out of bed was impossible with out assistance, and he was incontinent. When he could no longer stand on his own with out slipping, we realized that we couldn't let him suffer any more.
His last day was beautiful. We spread out a blanket in the back yard and soaked up some sunshine together. He ate unlimited snacks and got hours of ear and back scratching from his favorite person in the world- Kevin. We were so glad to be able to spend a whole day hanging out with him in the sunshine. Our wonderful vet came over in the early evening and sat down with us in the grass. Hiro passed gently without any pain. He was more relaxed in his last hours than he had been in months.
After we buried him, it started to rain right away! We couldn't believe how lucky we were. It was a beautiful thing.
It has been a tough change for us. Hiro was always with us. He was such a big dog! The house feels empty, even with Jacky still bopping around. Jacky has had a hard go of it too. He has moments of normal Jacky behavior, but is spending a lot of extra time laying low.
We have been talking a lot about our favorite memories we had with Hiro. Hiking Dog Mountain, going camping, when Hiro first kissed me in the car when I was leaving for France... Hiro pulling Kevin on his skateboard to the coffee shop every morning when they lived in SE Portland.... What a dog.

This year a lot of our friends and family have lost dogs too. Mister Man, Owen, Harry- so many special friends! They were all given really amazing lives- and gave us as much in return. They will be missed. Thank you for all the love.

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