12 October 2008

news flash

I have changed the commenting requirements. If you would like to leave a comment, you no longer have to register with Blogger to do so. Yipee!

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Your Best Buddy Shane said...

best blog in town! i love the populist spirit, and i especially like when you tell stories about me, or feature pictures of me! i'm at the airport and i missed my flight to NYC :( but reading your blog on my my new single piece of aluminum constructed, 13" MacBook which just dropped on OCT 14th so go out and get one (sorry, they paid me for the NEW 13" MAC BOOK SHOUT OUT!) is like a fucking sunny vacation to some fabulous beach resort, only it's like a dieters dream vacation cuz instead of eating rich, savory, and sweet foods, i just read about yummy/delicious foods, and the vacations you and Kevin (Kevvy Wevvy as you always say) go on and the foods you eat! I'm never going on vacation again! I'm cancelling my flight! I'm staying at the airport and reading your blog forever. I will be nourished spiritually by your words but i will waste away to nothing cuz i'm never gonna eat anything since i won't be able to stop reading this delicious blog. i will die of starvation while reading of your gastronomical enjoyments. what dark irony, what stark tragedy, wait...what was that sound??!! my stomach is growling, it's begining! i better go read about those ribs again (Which i totally missed out on!).