24 October 2008

Two posts, one day

I feel that this event requires its own separate post. On Tuesday, Kevin and I went to Seattle on a food mission. We took the train (fun, plenty of time (usually taken up being stressed out about driving or fighting about who gets to take a nap) to harass one another and also see both the sunrise and sunset over the water) with our bikes, so once we got off we were immediately mobile. The first thing we did was put on mittens. Then we pedaled directly down a very busy industrial highway to track down Skillet, the food cart that inspired this trip. I casually looked over my right shoulder at one point into a little alley way and saw a flash of silver. Skillet! It was funny finding it like this- through a chain-link fence, smoke puffing out of its tiny chimney. Kevin got a tour of the trailer and I took a bunch of photos. He had been looking at the website and knew what he wanted already, but I was not so sure. I decided on the dungeness crab po boy sandwich with slaw and a brioche bun, while he had the kobe burger with cambazola (triple cream blue) cheese and bacon jam. Bacon jam? Yeah, I don't know, but I love it. He also got poutine; fries with gravy and cheese curds. What?!??? So good. Everything was great, and we were stuffed afterwards. We were glad we were on bikes!
We went straight to the public library to check out the cool new building. It was crazy- stainless steel floors, florescent escalator tubes, red lacquered hallways, frightening heights and angles, and padded ceilings. Plus there was a drag queen pageant winner walking around the whole time- she was awesome too.

From there, we went on a long ride (again along the highway) out too Ballard. There was a store there that Kevin wanted to check out. The ride was 5 miles of bike unfriendly traffic, over a long, narrow bridge, but Ballard was great anyway. Holly tells me that this is where all the cool kids moved to after Capital Hill became expensive and gentrified.
I had a red velvet cupcake from Cupcake Royale. It did not compare to the red velvet treat that Jack got me from Cupcake Jones here in Portland, but it was a cupcake so who's complaining? We took the bus back into Seattle, bikes on front, and ended our trip with a little ride around downtown. We wanted to go to Salumi for some Salami sandwiches for the train ride, but they were closed. Salumi and Pine State both hold "Top Ten Best Sandwich" titles from Esquire magazine, so Kevin really wanted to say hi to them. We knocked, and one of the owners opened the door. She was so nice, she gave us a salami sampler to take on the train even though they had been closed for a couple of hours. These salami's are nuts! We plan to return asap to get an actual sandwich. Our car mates for the ride home must have loved sitting near us while we ate 15 different kinds of cured meats!


Shane said...

and to think...if you had accepted my dinner invitation that night after returning to the RIP CITY (aka puddleville, aka stumpsylvania) you could have feasted on grilled pork shoulder chops with wild chanterelles and baby shitakes in a cippollini onion, red wine and sweet vermouth pan sauce with fingerling potatoes and wild rice, followed by a cheese course of ossau iraty and fiore sardo with pecans, macadamia nuts, and dates. you would have enjoyed red wine from saumur and bordeaux and delighted in the large bottle of Gonzales Byass olorosso sherry which we polished off with ease. well, maybe next time! don't worry, you and kevvy wevvy have a standing invite to the crib (which is lookin lovely urban cabin stylee and very toasty with the wood stove kickin!) see you at work. hope they feed us well.

Shane said...

oh yeah. sam got totally drunk during the afore mentioned dinner because in addition to the fine wine, she insisted that i buy her a large bottle of chimay ale which she polished off while i did the cooking. after the meal, when she was passing out on the floor in front of the fire, peter totally curled up next to her and was laying a bit of his game on her. Emily and I totally thought he was going for the make out, but then sam just started snoring so i guess peej's game wasn't quite right, and perhaps wasn't quite tight. she woke up after a bit and i did a field sobriety test which she passed and so i allowed her to drive herself home.

the feeb said...

zupans carries the salumi salamis. while i don't condone shopping there, i thought you might like to know.

Samantha ampersand (sometimes) Justin said...

Let me say one thing in Peter's defense, I looked REALLY good. aka I forgot to put on pants and i was wearing lipstick, and I was passed out- who could resist, I mean really, it sounds to me like a dream date.

Kevin hiro 'n Jacques said...

A Skillet Burger doled out with Beechers White Cheddar Poutine rivals even the Spartan Phesant Confit which I really aught to get out of the trunk before jacky prys the lid off that pot and discovers the kind of snack dreams are made of.

Best day ever!