07 November 2008

Meals, wheels

Staff meal last saturday night was viewed as a kind of "last meal". Jon, the man who has been so inspired by cooking for his fellow staff, has switched shifts and will no longer be working on saturday nights. So, as his good bye meal, he made yet another bar- taco bar. We had ground beef, pig face, cheese, salsa something (sorry Jessika, I know you made it but I don't remember what fancy name you gave it), homemade tortillas (Not made by the famous tortilla maker, Caroline, but by Jessika, her #2 fan). Jon brought in some homemade pickles and fried them up for us too. Fried pickles: a southern snack, apparently. Thank you Jon, for all you did for us, and may you warn your replacement that I will light them on fire if they don't follow suit.

On a lighter note, election night! What a night it was. First, lets talk about the menu. Miss Emily made pigs in a blanket, chips with velveta cheese dip with ground turkey and jalapenos and chocolate chip cookies. I brought carrot sticks with blue cheese dip, and Shaney made us, honestly, the best Manhattan's I have ever had. I think they were the reason Obama won, don't you? *Editors note- blogger see's "Obama" as a spelling error. Um, hello google, are you out there?
We ate our special 'merican treats while we sweat, cried, and cheered. None of us could believe it was true- but of course it was! We wondered how to celebrate and naturally decided to go to the Victory. We ordered bottles of Cava and shots of whiskey, my dad came and joined us, and we did some serious whooping and hollering.

This is a historical moment for the whole globe. I am, finally? once again? proud to be american. Obama!


the feeb said...

you mentioned pigs in a blanket and velveeta in the same post. this is the best blog ever!!

In the Sellwood Kitchen said...

Yes, this blog is as awesome as Jim had declared it! And I WILL get over to Pine State soon!