14 November 2008

Time lapse

Please excuse my absence, I was on glam rock vaca at me mums house in Maine.
And to have left the day after my favorite staff meal ever! Tragic to leave it unwritten so long!
David Briggs, "Heart-o-Gold" Beefcake, whatever that guys name is- made us meatball subs and fairy bread. Meatball subs? Fairy bread? Go on... Meatball subs were all homemade with the tangiest tomato sauce, the softest of balls, and the most vietnamese of rolls (so those weren't homemade but from a vietnamese bakery). We sprinkled them liberally with cheddar cheese. It was sad though because immediately Scott docked me a ball and made me share. Not fair, not fair. But anyway. Fairy bread, according to Briggs, is a midday snack at any little kid who's anyone's birthday party in Australia. White bread. Slather with butter or margarine. Sprinkle with rainbow sprinkles (dots, not dashes). Enjoy! Every bite you take leaves a teeth shaped absence in the half inch of butter you are working through, and boy does that ever feel satisfying. Thank you Briggs!

Maine was one hundred percent fun. My mom picked me up after my nonstop flight (boo-ya) and we went straight to Portsmouth, where we had osso bucco for dinner. The trip was filled with grandparents forcing me to eat more lobster, key lime pie, etc, my girlfriends being the cutest girls on the planet, and the tv show Keeping Up with the Kardashians. I know- what the hell? I blame Priscilla. My mom got a new kitten, Fuzzy, who I beat up the whole time. She is a floppity, fuzzity, purrball. One of the number one treats of my trip was getting to see my friends Melvern Taylor and Jon Nolan play a show in Portsmouth. Their voices are meant to be together, it has been scientifically proven. Melvern would turn around after songs and ask us what we wanted to hear next. Drunk with power! I was! If you do not have their records, go get them. If you click on their names above, you will be sent to their websites. Lucky you. I have been loving those boys for a long time so I can finally listen to other records (sometimes, rarely). I just got a new ipod and all of the sudden I have music again! Walking to school has never been so much fun, and how else would I have realized the both of the Black Keys have enormous crushes on me?? Its awkward, but true.

In other news, what is North America's problem? Did anyone notice that we do not have monkeys? We were watching the Planet Earth series, disk one, last night, and I came to realize that everyone else gets monkeys but us. I mean, I have Jacky Scrapple so I'm ok, but for the most part, no monkeys! Other things we don't have: Pandas, birds from New Guiney, snow leopards or any leopards, 6 foot long salamanders. I'm not sure where I plan on moving to, China seems to be pretty much full of cute animals, but Africa also seems bumping. I'll keep you posted! In the meantime, I actually have to go back to work tonight. Boo! But someone has to pay for my exotic animal habit.


Anonymous said...

You make me so happy.
love, chanin

David said...

Said fairy bread:

Fairy Bread

About the Kardashians, do you think that cop actually looked for the guy that vandalized the store? Or was he just thinking, "Where is the Kardashian with the badonkadonk?"