10 January 2009

More Estate Sailing

Today Kevin and I went to two estate sales in North Portland. The mink oil was an especially good find on Kevin's part, I must say. There was one creepy lady at both sales who tried very hard to make friends at each of them. I heard her trying to make the same joke 4 or 5 times about the dolls that we ended up buying, but no one ever listened. Except for me of course- but I didn't let on. She kept holding them up and looking around and laughing awkwardly, saying "I wouldn't want to run into one of these in a dark alley at night!!!!!!!!!!"
Honestly I wouldn't want to either- and that's why we brought them home with us. What if this is the beginning of an extensive antique doll collection? Wouldn't everyone just love THAT.


the feeb said...

i'm not going to sleep tonight because of those dolls!

Chanin said...

i only hope the collection of antique dolls continues the way it has started: ZOMBISH

actually, they look like they have some serious history. I love everything you found and the picture of everything together. It's funny how nice and neat they all look together.

Holly Wiedmaier said...

Milk Glass Bowl Envy!

Chef E said...

Actually I must have a picture of one of those dolls i am working on a short story about going to my grandmothers house and she had one of those dolls, and it would make a great pic to post...could you email me one of it sitting up in a corner? I will cook for you, lol, I was just in Portland in September, wow what a beautiful place, and we will be back!

Email is on site, lol, really!