23 January 2009

National Pie Day

I'd like to bake a pie for the holiday, but as Dave pointed out, why the fuck does this special day fall in January? Does it look like I have piles of fruit laying around, begging to be baked? No. Piles of dog hair, yes, but berries and peaches and all of the wonders that make pie good, no.
The only pie that makes sense to me during these frigid, fruitless months is lemon meringue with lemons from somewhere warm. It will go unmade for today, as I have to go to work shortly. The time that I could be spending making one of my favorite winter pies will be spent waiting on friday night assholes and pretending to love every minute of it.

The guilt of not making a pie today... It's heavy. Here is what appears to be a good lemon meringue recipe. Please- someone- make a pie today.


MikeTheWaiterDotCom said...

speaking of pies.... with all of the important government work to be done..(haha!)... the indiana general assembly this week found time to declare sugar cream pie this state's official pie. Now I've been in food and bev for 40+ years... and have never heard of sugar cream pie... maybe there is a sugar or cream lobbyist in Indianapolis these days??? mTw

the feeb said...

um, i had a mcdonalds apple pie. does that count?

Jenny said...

yes Jimmy, it counts DOUBLE