30 June 2009

Bands, Burgers, Red Velvet

Who the heck is that great looking band, you might be wondering.
Well, I will tell you- it's the hottest group to come out of Fossil, Oregon yet: The Wheeler County Rambler's. Who's that handsome drummer, you might also be wondering. That's my dad! Hire them for your next private function in Fossil.

The burger pictured here was made at the skyline tavern- by us. You can sign up to use the outdoor grill and cook your own food and drink their beer whenever you want. We stacked the jukebox with music we like and it almost felt like we lived in the west hills with a view of Beaverton. Grilled eggplant and onions, cheddar cheese and fatty beef made this the best burger so far in my book. Mmm... fat...

And finally, red velvet cake. We just had our bi-annual family trailer-camping trip. This season we checked out the Mount Hood forests and lakes. It was freezing cold- I got the chance I've been waiting for to wear fleece pants over my jeans and 4 sweaters all at once- it was bulky. I now know what I will look like if I continue to eat a strict diet of biscuits and charcuterie- it wont be good, but it is almost inevitable as I have no plans of quitting any of my hobbies (food, resting).

Also while camping Kevin and I cooked up another good dinnah of boston butt braised in milk with garlic and herbs. It cooked for hours and hours until the milk had reduced to a hideously (see previous post for images) delicious "milk jam" and the pork did that thing where it falls apart and makes you cry with happiness. We enjoyed it along side a zingy slaw and some very spicy radishes. For fathers day/happy birthday dad cake I made a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting and shredded coconut. I did not master this recipe yet and therefore would not dream of posting it. However I am happy to experiment and will post it when I get it right. I think the key is more food coloring and less worrying about putting 3 tablespoons of dye into a cake for no good reason besides tradition and delight.


Molly said...

try shredding beets (like for carrot cake) in the batter for a "natural dye. or they make a beet root powder. its a little darker than the traditional red velvet but still delicious.

the feeb said...

i want to eat everything in this post, and have your dads band play while i do it.
may i suggest turning your new backyard into and ampitheater?

G.H. said...

Love your blog, just found it!! Im also from Oregon. Would you like to exchange links?