16 June 2009

Small Potatoes

In my family, we call new potatoes Charlie Boys. I found some of the tiniest ones I have ever seen at the market today and bought them just for the hell of it. I have posed them next to a grape and a raspberry to provide context of how very small they are. I plan on adding them to a special recipe tonight- beef with herbs, white wine and mustard. I'm taking the goose pot out for a test spin and it only seemed right to making something french in it. It also seemed right to make such a feast tonight as we finally signed the papers and are real life homeowners (or as my friend Grey says, "homo-ners" the way only a gay person can).

As you can see in the photos, I have started a new hobby: terrarium-ing. These are my first two and I plan on making one million. Please note the blooming air plants and the fancy glass containers that both cost $1 (kind of like the goose pot). I don't know if the plants I selected all have the same requirements as far as light and water go (I actually do know and they are all different-SHEESH.) but I am crossing my fingers and trying to cater to their needs as best as I can.

And, finally, a gratuitous shot of Jacky Scrapple in front of a bowl of cherries from the tree. Don't worry, the season is almost over and then I will be forced to take photos of something else.


MuffinCastle said...

Congratulations, homo-ner!!! I just put an offer down on the place down the street. I offered to trade them a well scrubbed goose-pot for the house. They declined.

Reading your blog makes me feel like I've just had a nourishing meal.

Kevin said...

Weird that jackyscrapple are almost out of season. does he know?