03 November 2009

Fish Herders Stew

My family is full of cooks and their remarkable recipes. My grandmother Oma had an eggnog recipe that I have experimented with but plan on perfecting this winter. My mother has guided me in making her eggplant parmesan and butter cookie recipes. My dad is a lot like me in that he has no recipes, just strong instincts and a love for meat.

My grandmother Mamie, who I speak of often on this blog, holds a few of my most favorite recipes. There are three things that she most often serves when I go to her house: lobster (I am very, very spoiled), country supper (more on this later), and fish herders stew. You'll have to pardon the absurd name- that's my father's doing. It is dish sort of similar to shepherds pie, but also totally different.
The photo, again, does not do it justice. Just trust me and make it right now.

Fish Herders Stew
Recipe from Julie Cook (Mamie)

Preheat oven to 350 degrees

1 1/2 pounds cod, halibut, talapia or other white fish
1 cup dry vermouth
2 cups water
4 cups mashed potatoes (make them creamy delightful, packed with butter)
2 small leeks
a shit load of sharp, white cheddar, shredded (her instructions- I used a whole block)
1/4 cup flour
1/2 stick of butter

Melt butter in dutch oven. Put fish in and cover with water and vermouth. Gently cook fish and remove from liquid with slotted spoon. Bring liquid to a boil and whisk in flour quickly. Add cheddar, whisking the whole time. This should create a thick, cheese sauce. In a separate pan, saute leeks briefly. It's nice for them to have some nice crunch because the rest of the dish is very soft. Pour the leeks over the fish. Top with mashed potatoes and pop in the oven for 15 minutes or so, until the top is lightly browned (you'll notice mine got black spots rather than an even tan, so please try to do it better than I did. This might be due to the fact that our potatoes were more heavy cream than potato.)

Serves 6, with leftovers too!

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Chef E said...

I love the name of this! Cool that you have the memory and all...