21 April 2010

Hunger is the Best Sauce

My grandma LIED! Beurre Blanc is, in fact, the best sauce. My friend Grey and I followed this recipe in honor of Julia and proceeded to smother our salt rubbed chicken and delightful vegetables with lots and lots of it. I mean, we each consumed an astounding amount of sauce. But we couldn't leave perfection alone- we had to follow our meal with Grey's homemade (he followed this recipe, again Julia) croissants also smothered in Beurre blanc. 

Ha! Just kiddin. We made vanilla bean frosting. Way more sensible than beurre blanc for dessert!!!!!! 

Go make some sauce. 

1 comment:

MuffinCastle said...

Ummm. Grey has been in your blog like three (or more) times. I am officially jealous. You girls should GET down here and eat with me! And bring some buerre blanc....