23 April 2010

Where I Cook

The kitchen is almost done. Kevin is still working on the built-in, but the shelves with red brackets are finished! I need to find a before-shot. It used to look like home depot. The paint color is called 'deep caviar' and it's not purple like it looks in the close up- it's dark brownish black. The light is new, the counter top and lower cabinets, and so is the Smeg-like fridge. It's actually a Hotpoint from the 50's- enamel bins and glass tops inside. We are starting to feel like we live here!


g.animalz said...

this looks awesome! i cant wait for pictures of you in in there with an apron and kerchief.

oh and thanks for ysing all my favorite colors.
you're welcome.

kylie said...


MuffinCastle said...

That is the sexist goddamn kitchen I've ever seen.

Elisabeth said...

Wow Jenny, the kitchen looks great! I can't wait to see it in person (hint, hint).