01 February 2009


Everything that could have gone wrong last night, did. It was busy (I guess that's good at least), and right at that crucial 7:30 turn when everyone should be leaving so the grownups could come sit down, the computer crashed. I was all "I'll be right back with your check"... in twenty minutes when we get the computer back up. So we were hand writing orders into the kitchen and ignoring the desperate stares of diners wanting to leave. Meanwhile the people who had reservations for those tables were getting restless. We giggled and turned up the reggae to encourage good vibes around the restaurant and to drown out the screaming of our minds. I'm sure everyone appreciated this gesture. It certainly did inspire the creep of the night who was perched at the end of the bar to muse about the various qualities of my hair that he especially liked. LOUDER MUSIC PLEASE!
My very favorite part, however, was when the kitchen started flooding. Its an open kitchen, there's no where to hide. Water doesn't take to hiding well anyway- we were piling up mats and trying to play it cool while it desperately attempted to flow onto the dining room floor. Greasy, greasy water.
Shane kept asking, "is it a full moon?" as he smashed martini glasses into the ice well.
So... was it?

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