25 February 2009

On the Rocks

Staff Meal has raised some questions at work. My boss knows about my blog, and thinks its funny to a certain extent, but has concluded that it will probably be the end to him.
Though I'm not sure about that, I certainly don't want to piss the man off. I don't want to make people feel alienated from eating in restaurants because they think they might be made fun of in a blog by their waitress that very night (and if they are worried about it, then they probably are. There are hundreds of us out there with access to computers).
I also know that my performance could be written about on a nightly basis by way of citysearch or any other online forum, and in a much more direct manner. But, I suppose I am putting myself out there knowingly and getting paid for it, whilst diners are just trying to get something to eat.
So. I have received no direct instructions to stop. But. What do I do? I can tell you what I did do directly after we had our little chat- I ran out of the office moaning, YOU CAN'T KILL MY AAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRTTTTTTTTTTTTTT!!!!! And then after a few minutes I walked back in and said "OK, I get it, but you know I have to blog about waiting on Dolly Parton's Gynecologist, right?" And he said "I know."



Mike the Waiter said...

My suggestion is to tell him that waiter jobs grow on trees and if he doesn't like your "art" ... you'll harvest a different fruit. I actually faced the same dilemna. For a while, I had wished I hadn't told anyone about my blog. But I am good at what I do in the restaurant. I'm not terribly offensive in my blog, though at times, I have every right to be... and people who don't like it, shouldn't behave with such ignorance!
Eat Well. Drink Well.
from Indiana, USA

the feeb said...

aw, i love your posts about annoying customers! i guess i get it, but....if people are gonna act like assholes in public they deserve to be called out on it! and nobody call them out on it better than you!

In the Sellwood Kitchen said...

Dolly Parton's Gynecologist? "What a way to make a living..."

Muffincastle said...

Your blog is hilarious and delicious. Don't stop it. Maybe just never mention the name of your restaurant? or... make it a private blog? or just take the chance and keep honing your food writing skills in an open environment regardless. I think you and your blog are delightful.