02 March 2009

Feeding Frenzy

It was a weekend of truly INTENSE eating and heightened emotion. Our famous sous chef Dave has decided to up and leave us to devote himself to chocolate. On his last night of work, he made a staff meal to remember. You may remember a post a while back about meatball subs? Well apparently Jack, my fellow server who had not been working that night, has been pissed ever since he read about those sandwiches. He actually felt angry with me over my excessive poetry devoted to meatballs. WELL, Jack is no longer mad because Dave made them again for our final staff meal together. Tangy tomato sauce with "a whisper of spice", tneder balls the size of clementines, grated cheese for the top, and chewy vietnamese rolls. We all sat down together. The back of the restaurant was empty and so we could really spread out and talk dirty to our sandwiches. My dad and Kevin had come in for drinks at the bar, and Kevin actually joined us for a sub for old times sake. We drank beer, we ate, and eventually dare each other to eat more. Caroline, my heroine, ate 6 meatballs, while Nick, my hero, at 7. The next day Caroline had another and declared, "There, 7 meatballs in less than 24 hours. Happy?". Yes, I am happy.

Yesterday was Dave and Caroline's going away party. Wow- writing that down makes it a little more real- this is going to suck! I will miss them so much. Anyway though, again, absurd amounts of eating was done. It was kind of sick actually. My friend Laura and I went a little too far with the deep fried french toast and bacon pecan caramel sauce. Well, it might also have been the cornmeal waffles with creme fraiche, the latkes, the insane coffee cake, the scrambled eggs, the smoked salmon, the sausage and bacon, the bloody mary's and the mimosa's. We tried them all! It was so shocking to my belly- which has seen a lot in its day- that I felt just like I did that time in New Orleans when I puked. However, I pulled my shit together and went to the arcade with everyone, where Holly and I played Dance Dance Revolution (right? Is that what it's called?). I have never played that game, and didn't know that I was going to have to dance so hard... It made me feel much worse. I could not eat for the rest of the day or night- not even when Kevin fetched Lebonese food. It was sad, but at least I did not actually throw up this time. I think it's only appropriate that this was the condition I was left in after Dave's brunch. I'll miss you Dave!*

*Dave and I will be hosting a dessert night extravaganza at least once a month, starting next month. I can't reveal too many details because we don't know them all yet, but know that we will be making many desserts and you will be eating them all in one sitting, tasting menu style. You're welcome.

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Seamus said...

Awesome writing, thanks. Staff meal centers in several of my strongest memories from my time working at a great restaurant (especially the time when the cooks let me make it!) Looking forward to more.