16 March 2009

Typing in Cursive

I typed this entry on my new cursive typewriter. I want to weep all over its keys, its so beautiful. In fact, I'm having trouble staying away from it. Cursive. Typewriter. So I typed MY BLOG on to PAPER (fine it was Kevin's idea) got misty over its simple charm, and then put the paper in the pathetically sleek and unoriginal scanner. But now I can't get the file onto/into my blog. And that is why the internet is stupid and I only like my typewriter.
So you'll have to read regular computer words, which are ugly and mean. Seriously though, my Royal typewriters (I also have a coral Royal Safari, which I also adore as though it were a new born kitten) and the relentless efforts of spring to cheer me just might be working. I actually walked around my neighborhood smiling at people today. It has been raining, hailing and then sunning at twenty minute intervals for the past few days, and I just can't get enough of this nutty weather. I appreciate the sun when its here, and then quickly jump into bed to watch another episode of 30 Rock when it rains.

I know you'd all rather read about me flipping out on customers behind their backs, but its just sunspots and dewdrops around here lately so deal with it.


Chanin Houston said...

Jenny. You are amazing. I love your new typewriter. Where can a girl like me find one to have forever and ever, too? I also love these pictures. How did you capture this light? Is it digital? xoxoxo lets get together over spring break.

the feeb said...

lock that up if i'm ever over there. i WILL steal it.