17 March 2009

A Wee Snack

This is a tiny chocolate molten cake made in a mason jar by my new hero. This lady is a baker, a chocolatier and a food stylist. JEALOUS! Plus her website is beautiful. But most importantly, the cake was dreamy. It was so moltenous and delightful, I almost had to cut off Kevin's hand, lest he steal one more bite of it (supposedly we were sharing. Bad idea.). This cake was a gift from my personal chocolate dealer, David. His willingness to allow me to enjoy other chocolates is, I think, very brave. Though he has nothing to worry about- I'm a sucker for bacon caramels (duh) and will never stray. Except for these little cakes. Can you see the tiny glasses of milk looming in the distance? And the tiny spoons? And the elephant tray? Dream snack.