14 July 2009

Coldplay (?!)

Another summer surprise, Kevin, our friend and I were given backstage passes to Coldplay last week. None of us are big fans, but let me tell you- we had a kickass time. That band AIMS TO PLEASE! The butterfly confetti is what really did me in, but they also gave everyone in the 16,000 person audience a free CD with 9 songs on it. What what? If you look at the photo I took of the audience with all the yellow balloons (guess what song those came out during), you'll notice that it goes on forever. It was a huge crowd. And then you will realize that we were in the second row. Weird! I feel so bad for all the insane Coldplay fans that didn't get to sit in the second row while we sat right up front feeling smug.

We have concluded that there is no point going to concerts if we can't have seats in the very front, so I guess we won't be going to see any more live music, ever.

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