19 July 2009

Group Effort

Last night the front of house staff brought in what we wanted the back of house to make us for dinner. We wanted cheeseburgers.
We had delicious beef and pork burgers with curly fries. It ruled. Thank you to the people who made it possible.

A note from the floor last night- I have a new favorite kind of person. This person has a real passion for a general category: sauce. I was talking to a table last night and one guy asked, "So, does the salmon have sauce on it?" And I said, "Well yes it does- we put sauce on almost all of our entrees." The look on his face was ecstatic as he exclaimed, "I love sauce." My favorite part of this story was as I retold it to my boss last night, she started laughing so hard that she cried a little bit. And then, after the laughter and tears stopped she said, "It's just that... I love sauce too."
How great is all this love for sauce???

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Lizzy said...

I love sauce, too! I had a sandwich today and the whole time I kept wishing there was some kind of sauce on it. Sauce is delightful.