19 October 2009

Best I Ever Had

Breakfast with Ryland and Tessie today was perfect despite my case of the shakes (ps I was drunk when I posted last night). I have now seen versions of this item on two menus in the old NYC, so today I ordered it at Five Leaves: Fresh Ricotta with thyme, olive oil, cracked pepper, figs and honey comb served with raisin walnut bread. Are you kidding me? Honey comb? It really was perfect and also I got the best orderer award which is something I cherish.

The rest of the day I continued the uphill battle with my hangover and we walked all over town and over some bridge to look at Ryland's favorite building. It was spooky and certainly haunted by handless mill girls. For dinner: Marlo and Sons. I don't have the strength to describe the meal right now- but you can count on it tomorrow.

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Chef E said...

Sounds great, and I wish my headache right now was from a hangover...sinus, allergies, unable to breathe the air, blah blah blah :O)

Thanks for your compliment, I follow your blog each week... I maybe should come and say more...solidify your hard work as well!