12 October 2009


If it seems like my life is becoming a "Fun With Dairy" series, that's because it is. I love finding out how these wonderful foods are made, and they seem to be much better when made at home (despite all my failures). Butter really is easy to make, and all you need is cream. Of course, salt is a great thing to throw in there too, and we tried adding honey, cocoa powder, pimenton, and herbs as well. My favorite was the butter that we added black, smokey salt to. This made it sort of grey in color and a little bit creepy looking, but absolutely delicious. You can see it there spread on toast.

Topher made Ghee, a sacred food to feed his spirit through the winter. He gave some to me perhaps to enhance my spiritual life, but I'm probably just going to spread it on waffles and call it a day.

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MuffinCastle said...

My mom eats Ghee...or used to, religiously.