10 July 2010

Pine State #3 Opens on Alberta TODAY FOLKS!

Here it is!

One hard working employee models his gloves.

Have you ever seen such love so early in the morning?

These hotties had to be removed from the premises.

The proud owner, being embarrassed by his girlfriend.

Surprise! It's open. In case the farmers market or Belmont were too far away, you can now go to Alberta street for biscuits and gravy! Stop in and tell Kevin and Walt that you love them. Trust me- you might get some extra bacon on your sandwich for it. I know I did.
The space is much bigger than Pine State #1, and capital F Fancy inside. Subway tile, exposed beams and lots of beautiful old lumber makes the space both masculine and beautiful. The menu is the same as the other locations, but soon there will be beer and hopefully cocktails, and a very exciting late night menu. I can't wait for the liquor licence to arrive so I can have a beer on the rocks with lemonade alongside my bucket of fried chicken. Just what I need.


MuffinCastle said...

Congrats, Kevin!! Late night menu??? Whaaaat!

Jenny said...

You know it! Lets go to there!

Anonymous said...

Bucket of fried whaaaa?
Please see above post!