18 July 2010

Tommy is Trouble

Tommy is making quite the ruckus around here. Yesterday one neighbor told me he has been cockadoodledooing for over a month, which I am sure is a lie. But still. Last night we went to a party at another neighbors house, and I felt we had to fess up. I announced upon our arrival that we were the people with the illegal tranny rooster and if anyone had anything to say about it they should talk to Kevin cause I was going to hit the cupcake table pretty hard for a while. Which I indeed did. With frosting all over my face and a sloshing beer in hand, I also managed to start a conversation with one of the other guests about the time our naturopath told Kevin about his previous patient's vagina boil. You're welcome neighbors! Please invite me to your next gathering and I will tell more stories that include the words "vagina" and "boil". Poor Kevin, having to go to parties with me. It must be just terrifying.

Tommy has crowed 15 times already today and it is only 10:21 am. He has to go. Tonight Nic is taking him to a farm where he will be the stud cock to over 100 lady chickens. I wish him luck and honor. My heart is broken.


kylie said...

my entire weekend had a gray cloud over it, after hearing this news. i know how much you love that chicken.

i'm sure she will love her new life as a stud rooster or whatever. i hope the confusion diminishes quickly for you both.

Jenny said...

Kylie, I appreciate your shared sadness. I have to say, there is a gaping whole in my life where that little blind rooster used to live. But I am so glad we found a farm that has two pygmy mules named Chips and Salsa for Tommy to play with. His 100+ wives are all black and beautiful, and I think they will make remarkable babies together. Thousands and thousands of them.

Kevin Atchley said...

and I just crossed "raising a stud cock" off my to-do's.

our to-do's.

kylie said...

omf chips and salsa lol!

g.animalz said...

its too hot for chips and salsa here in the city.