07 July 2010

Practice Hike

Last week we went hiking with our friends in the woods. I was breaking my boots in a little bit and they were getting their brand new infant out for some fresh air. If a baby can do it I know it doesn't count as "training" for my trip, but I feel pretty good about it. Fit. Ready. I went for a walk! What more do I need?
Ah, the Pacific Northwest. It's finally hot out and my bff Sam and I are going to the RIVER TODAY!!!!!! It's also part of my training.


g.animalz said...


Anonymous said...

it is annoying that you never post where you are in your outdoor pictures.

Jenny said...

Yeah, except that nothing I do is annoying so that's one little error with that comment. But I will tell you, we were hiking the Eagle Creek trail off highway 84 East.