23 March 2011

The Dawning of Aquarius!

I just got home from an eating marathon in San Francisco. While I was there I visited the Edible School yard with Kevin, my mom and my brother. My auntie Esther works there. It was an inspiring visit to say the least. The kids were making quinoa salad with oranges. The gardens were blossoming and sprouting, the chickens laying and the ducks swimming. The sun was shining and we were together as a family. Really- we all wanted to move to Berkley immediately. I'm guessing this is not uncommon. After our visit to the school we went and had lunch at Chez Panisse. We ate fava beans, sole, beets, even a steelhead roe pizza. We ate dates and honey mousse! We drank wine from alsace! It was a dream.
What surprised me about my visit was that each friend I visited asked me why I stopped writing my blog. I didn't know so many friends cared about it, and I didn't know I missed it until I opened it up on my computer and looked through the archives. The pies! The breads! The animals! I'm back! Get ready for photos!


MuffinCastle said...

LIKE! I encourage you and Kevin and all your chickens to move to Berkeley. NOW.


I'm so glad you're back!