23 March 2011

She shall live to see another day

Patsy cline has been the only chicken not laying. She has instead been acting like a giant bitch and pooping all over the porch. But, today she left us a gift in the quail (rip) condo. She's so LIKE that, you know??


g. said...

hieeee!!! i'm glad you're back and i hope i see you guys sometime soon. maybe we could actually plan it?
hope you guys are good, looks like a fantastic sf visit.
xo g

kylie said...

thank you for coming back. i wanted to tell you how much i missed it, but i just didn't. anyway, welcome back. p-cline's lay looks like a beaut.

Melissa said...

i'm glad you are back too. im a 2pz follower/sister & i always enjoyed your blog. is it too soon to ask- what happened to the quail-?!?!

Congrats to Patsy!

Business Casual said...

Hi! I just discovered your blog from the bitchy water site- Just wanted to say that I enjoy it!

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