11 March 2010

Farm Living

This weekend we flattened out the back yard and put in 8 raised beds. It was a lot like a barn raising, but without the barn. Our friends and family did most of the work and I pretty much just shouted orders and wrote the checks. We are sharing our yard with a couple of our friends, so we will all share the weeding responsibilities AND the huge crop of vegetables.
But more importantly, I just got 3 baby chicks. We still have to build a coop, and for the next 6 weeks they have to live in the garage in a washtub with a heat lamp!!! They are so sweet and little, and already have very bossy personalities. They are named Patsy, Wynonna and Loretta. Patsy will someday lay green and blue eggs! I couldn't be more proud.


g.animalz said...

which one's which!!!???!!!

Jenny said...

The first shot is of Patsy. The second big one is of Loretta. You can see Wynonna in the line up photo- she is a silver laced Wynadotte. Or something.