23 March 2010

Perfect Potatoes

In case you didn't know, I love potatoes. I have just had my wisdom teeth out this weekend which has been horrible aside from the fact that Kevin made me a big batch of whipped mashed potatoes, so full of sour cream and butter that they are practically a soup. That's the upside.
Last week, before the tooth pain, I was able to eat potatoes however I liked. I bought a little bag of charlie boys in order to make my most favorite home fries, and look what I found inside. A heart shaped charlie boy to commemorate my passion for potatoes! Obviously, I didn't cook that one, I carried it around with me and cooed to it.

Home fries are easy to make and don't really call for a recipe, but here is mine in case you want some inspiration. Something that I think is important about home fries is that there are plenty of onions. This recipe is an approximation of ingredients- I never measure home fries.

Charlie Boy Home Fries

One bag of charlie boys (the tiniest of potatoes)
1 large sweet onion
a big glug of olive oil
1/3 stick of butter
1 teaspoon ground new mexico chile
salt and pepper to taste
1 spring onion for garnish

Cut large and medium charlie boys in half- only the tiniest tinies can remain whole. Boil for ten or so minutes, until they are cooked but still quite firm. Meanwhile, heat up cast iron skillet with olive oil and butter. Transfer potatoes (not the water!) into pan. Let them sit for a bit- you want crisp, brown, fried sides. Toss around until nice and brown, then add chopped onions. I like my onions chopped large, but you can do it however you see fit. When the onions have softened and browned a bit, sprinkle the whole pan with chile, salt and pepper. I like lots of salt. Dice a spring onion and sprinkle on each serving. I ate this with two sauces- tatziki which I loved, and catsup, which I am addicted to.

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