13 March 2010

Twin Dinner!

My mom has been visiting this week, and for our last night together we went over to visit our friends who have twin babies. We made homemade pasta with arugula and pecorino and drank lots of wine. We also squeezed the babies until they ran from us.

We wanted to use the pasta attachment on Elisabeth's kitchenaid to roll out the pasta, but the dough was too sticky and we got very frustrated. In the end we rolled it by hand, which really isn't hard. After boiling and draining the pasta, we poured a bit of the pasta water over the noodles and then melted tons of butter in it. Then we stirred in fresh arugula and grated pecorino cheese on top and added salt and pepper. It was terrific!

But seriously, WTF is up with the pasta attachment? Has anyone ever used it successfully? Any tips?

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Anonymous said...

I got a pasta attachment from my mother-in-law for Christmas. It's worked well for me. I actually just followed the pasta dough recipe in the manual that came with the roller, and the consistency seemed to be just great. Except that next-day raviolis are a terrible idea. You gotta freeze them.

And because I just found your blog and feel a need to try to relate to you, I grew up near Salem Oregon raising chickens with those crazy hair-dos, and yours I think will be so awesome. And also I visited New York around the exact same time you did last fall. The end.