13 March 2010

Look at this Nerd

Nic brought over yet another chick yesterday. World, meet Tammy. She is one crazy girl, with a blond puff top and a sassy attitude to boot. Its going to be awesome when she grows up to look like this.

Also, can you stand how cute Patsy Cline is? She is my little sweetheart. Jacky also loves her. Loretta has tripled in size and can fly, so that's a problem. I thought chickens couldn't fly but it turns out that I know nothing.


Anonymous said...

I am sending Patsy Cline a one-way ticket to New Hampshire! *smooch!*

Jenny said...

Unfortunately Patsy Cline is too busy falling asleep in my hand and having her tail feathers cleaned with a washcloth to catch any kind of flight. However, Loretta is committed to flying and has already started using her little wings!