02 August 2008


I am almost always hungry. And even when I am not, I can still be coaxed into eating by a simple mention of  cherry dip-cones or tacos.  This mentality helps me love staff meal, even on the days when other people thinks it's "gross." 
I ride my bike to work, and I'm fond of running through the doors of the restaurant, helmet still on, and shrieking, "WHAT'S FOR STAFF MEAL???" I find that it helps us all stay focused on what's important: getting through the shift so we can eat. 

There are a few qualifiers for a good staff meal.
#1. Dessert. I need it after every meal and staff meal is no time for shortcutting my needs*.
#2. Meat. A vegetarian staff meal is when the devil is beating his wife.
#3. Themes. I like there to be a theme that I can anticipate and provide helpful suggestions for, like Sandwich Bar Day. "You thinking dill or sweet pickles? My vote is for dill, incase you were wondering."

I might be everyone's favorite waitress. 

*This being said, s.m. dessert is a rare and cherished event that I experience infrequently.

1 comment:

Jessika said...

Gorgeous. I quake before your staff meal expertise and cannot wait to see what unfolds. I'll try my best to provide fodder for your blog(and your stomach)as much as I possibly can. If I'm not pleasing you, what's the point really?