27 August 2008

A very special evening.

And it was. Today when I arrived at work I noticed that it was pita-bar staff meal. I like bars of all kinds- sandwich bar, hotdog bar, baked potato bar... Pita bar looked especially fun with hummus, flank steak and fresh pitas. Sadly I was full from a hot lunch date to Hotlips Pizza and the dry cleaners with Kevin. If I had known it was going to be a bar style staff meal I might not have had two pieces of pizza, but whatever. 

What's important here is that I had a star spangled evening. One in which I WAITED ON JOHN MALKOVICH. What did you do tonight? Probably not fuck up John Malkovich's order the way that I did! Ha ha! And I did... We chatted about padron peppers and pinot noir, and I got over being nervous very quickly. After spending a great deal of money on a bottle of wine he put ice cubes in it, but I think that that goes with the celebrity status. If I was a celebrity I would be ordering white wine spritzers left and right and never once feel ashamed the way I do now. He was well spoken and dressed very stylishly in seersucker and sneakers. Duh! 
Enough about that- but I could go on so if you want more details... call me. I reallllly want to go on.

I need to backtrack to saturday night (when I waited on a certain terrible portland band that I wish to forget, but P list celebrities nonetheless, to stick with tonight's famewhore theme). Dave Briggs made us a very special staff meal- corn dogs and tots. I also got a special treat: I was asking one of the cooks to make me a quail egg omelette with but one tiny egg because it would be so cute, and he thought I really wanted an omelette so he made me one with duck skin... and chicken eggs. It was not cute and served on a flower petal the way I suggested, but it was absolutely fantastic. Fluffy and fatty. I don't know how one person could be so lucky.

On saturday morning I went to see Sam at her job. She too is a waitress, but she is forced into working BRUNCH. Something I can't imagine- a fate worse than death. I was one of her few tables at this point though so I got spoiled rotten with attention. Attention and trout! This was served with a piece of speck seared onto the skin, atop corn and lobster mushroom hash. I am obviously still thinking about it.

Finally, Jacky has fleas. And... I waited on John Malkovich.

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Samantha said...

1. I can't believe you actually put your zodiac sign on your profile.

2. I can't believe that my lawyers allowed you to use my name in conjunction with your "blog" about "staff meal"

3. I'm pretty excited to hear what you had today at Clyde Common.