03 August 2008

So Soon?!#?$!

Saturday nights are hard. We are almost always slammed, and when we aren't we all become depressed and pitifull. So its kind of a win/win/lose/lose. Last night was very busy. I had to run around explaining to morons what "gin" was and then gently decline requests to floss their teeth for them. 
And then, we didn't get fed. I tried to throw some intimidating words and facial expressions toward the kitchen, but no one picked up what I was putting down. I really count on saturday night staff meal so I can spend my just-made money on booze and candy, not FOOD. But, last night we were forced to go out and buy burgers. We did so at my least favorite restaurant in Portland. I find myself there like three times a month and every time I think "It's nice how they give us an industry discount. But I fucking hate it here." The food is fine. The drinks are fine. Its the big booths and the red leather and the whole thing that I hate. 
I didn't want to drink, so I just had two. And today I have a hangover! I am getting on a plane in a few hours and I fear the headache that will be coming along for the ride. Fortunately I have some illegal codine to rock me to sleep in the upright position. 
I won't be enjoying the joys of staff meal this week cause I'll be on VACA! But I might put up some eating highlights from Maine.

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