20 August 2008

Wasting time

I haven't been writing because I don't have my own computer right now, and haven't updated any staff meal photos. But! What a pointless way to procrastinate doing something I love. 
I am writing with out and visual aid. I know, BBOOOOORRRING!

Meals and staff meals have been very good lately- although I think I am sick of food. So much time devoted to planning meals, looking for new restaurants, trying to remember old restaurants... I want to sit in the middle of a farm and snack on snap peas (the season is over for this, however.) On saturday my friend Grey and I went to his family farm to obtain peaches and broccoli. However, it was too hot to pick anything and so we just floated around the pool and didn't wear sunblock. 
By 6 pm when I was due in for work it was 100 degrees and humid. It was a hideous evening, filled with crabby people and lots of running around wondering what I was doing with my life. However, it had a happy ending. The bar tender and sous chef teamed up for staff meal, preparing frozen mudslides and grilled ham and squash sandwiches. Jessika made a steak and shrimp salad with zucchini. 
We live to make fun of people who order frozen cocktails. It was a funny joke for us to have them... but might it be even funnier how much we loved them? Traaashy

As I was mopping the floor, my coworker Shane suggested we go skinny dipping in the Sandy River. Well don't mind if I do! Jessika, Shane, and my beloved ex-roommate Alani and I got in my car and sped off to the river. Led Zeppelin was blaring and heat lightning flashed in the distance. We were a regular team of water nymphs, splashing around in the cloudy moonlight. Train tracks run right over the river where we were swimming, and two trains went by, tooting their horns at our naked asses. 

Back to food. Some restaurants I have visited this week include Clyde Common, (where I will be eating and reporting on staff meal next friday) Nostrana, Thai Noon, Pine State Biscuits (my live-in-lover's place) and Fire on the Mountain for wangs. Clyde Common is where I usually end up after work with my friends, but on this night I was on a date with Kevin. We had a few cocktails and a bottle of Sancerre, lentils with smoked shrimp and avocado, pork rinds with lime, and some spaghettini with cherry tomatoes and orange gremolata. Delicious- I am very excited to see what happens at staff meal. I have heard that they take very good care of their employees at feedin' time. 
I try not to eat at Pine State too often because, well, you know. But my friends can't stay away, and so I end up eating fried chicken very frequently. This week Jessika had a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit with sweet tea- I ended up eating half of it. It was the perfect breakfast! Maybe if I stop ordering McIsley's every time I won't feel so guilty before noon. 
Speaking of Pine State, I am attempting to be their dessert girl. I have dreams of starting a pie company, where I bake pies for small business or private orders. I make an exceptional pie, starting with a real lard and butter crust and using all local, seasonal fruit. This week is crisp week at Pine State. When I went down to Grey's I bought a flat of beautiful peaches and some giant blackberries from Jones Farm. The crumbles on top are made with brown sugar, toasted almonds and some other secret ingredients scattered around. I am hoping they will keep me around.

Once I get my computer up and running (once I buy a power cord for 80 dollars) I will post food photos including but not limited to: eggs benedict with heirloom tomatoes and thyme potato hash!!!

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