13 April 2009


I am depressed to admit that since my failed baking trials with David, I have been a total spaz in the kitchen. I think my confidence was really shattered when everything I tried to make not only did not come out the way I planned, but in fact came out disgusting and inedible. My shaker lemon pie? It was basically a scrambled egg and lemon pie. SICK. I even messed up Lasagna the other night. My only success this week in food was buying pudding at the farmers market, and that wasn't even my idea. (Thank you Holly.)
I'll never tell what Kevin and I had for dinner tonight, I'll only say that our prowess of impersonating fat teenagers has reached another level. It was cute when we used to eat pastries in bed whilst my roommates judged us behind our backs, but now that we are on our own it's disgusting and shameful. SHAMEFUL.
Fortunately, my Aunt and Uncle cooked for us on easter. We ate so much pork that we could not even have our yearly egg-cracking contest. It's the first year we haven't done it, and all thanks to eating too much. It was worth it.

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David said...

I don't believe in an "A-F" scale. so there is no way to get an f-. And since they are only trials who cares. you need to get over it.
what about the cookies? and the persian cream? or that pastry dough? not to mention that i happened to like the cheesecake too. so quit your self loathing, go get some rhubarb, and bake your ass off!