01 April 2009

Sprout Sitting *and* Dropping Out Of Greek Mythology

I just dropped out of my Greek Mythology class*, so to those of you who were really sure that I would never learn to enjoy epic poetry, you were right. Here's the thing. My friend Nic is going to the Nordic Countries (all of them, via sailboat, NOT fair) for a couple of weeks. In his wake, I have been left along with 40,000 sprouts to babysit. I have not actually counted them but it seems like a fair number. The pressure is enormous. Having two dogs is already completely time consuming, especially when one is a control freak who lacks control of his bladder and the other is bad, but this is a whole new ball game. People are counting on me for the well-being of these sprouts. You see, Nic is a sprout dealer. I wont give too much of his game away, but suffice it to say I'm in deep. I'm fucked. The jar of beans ( just waiting for me to give them life!) might as well be a big jar of Jacky Scrapple's all needing to be walked.
My responsibilities include but defiantly are not limited to: Soaking the beans for 24 hours. Rinsing the soaked beans 4 times a day until they sprout (3-4 days). Delivering sprouts to clients. Repeating process until he gets home.

Hopefully I will be able to post photos of the journey from bean to sprout, but we'll just have to see how much strength I have left after all of this.

*Mom- I am still in school. Don't worry.

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Jessika said...

I really hope you're getting something outta this!