29 April 2009


I just ate a whole pizza at Ken's on my own. Dining alone, though pathetic looking and boring, has its benefits. You see, when Kevin and I eat pizza together, it becomes an eating contest that has no winners. Tonight, I ate slowly. I chose my slices based on my own desires, and not on defending property. I thought to myself things like "I think I'll take this little guy over here with all that cheese and arugula on it and save that big slice for later!". Of course, there was no later. Not really, anyway. My plans of bringing some of this beautiful, crispy pie disappeared soon after I realized that it was the best pizza I had ever eaten. I mean it. I may be fond of superlatives, but "best" is truly in order this time, so leave me alone. Anyway, I finished it. I was even praised for my appetite, which I think might be kind of insulting if not surprising.

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MuffinCastle said...

Who was this that praised you? An employee? I like the congratulate my costumers when they clean their plates. I tell them it makes me happy. Which is only sort of true. Really, the portions are outrageously big. I'm not sure if it's healthy for them to eat that much. I sound like a mom. Glad you enjoyed your pizza, I want some.