24 April 2009

Successful Baking

Two photos of buttered bread on one day? Yes. Two posts about crystallized ginger + chocolate chips in one month? YES! This recipe is from Molly Wizenberg's (author of Orangette, my favorite blog) book "A Homemade Life". Banana bread with chocolate chips and ginger sounded like a good death for my brown bananas, and I'll bet they agreed in the end.

Staff Meals have been so wonderful lately. Saturday nights have been wild ever since we opened our patio. People seem to have remembered that it is way better to get plastered on wine while eating food someone else cooked that will later be cleaned up by someone else and all the while hitting on their waitress is WAY better than sitting at home, eating uncooked hotdogs and watching 30 Rock (obviously you know which I would chose if given the choice but whatever). So we have been busy. And staff meal tastes so much better when the night was especially abusive. It's weird. I'm looking forward to tomorrow.

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