21 May 2009

BTW, It's ON.

(photo from pietopiacontest.blogspot.com)

Lookey lookey- its Pietopia! This is a contest that I am going to compete in for sure. You get to write an essay AND make a pie!!!!! The concept is that you create a pie that represents something going on in your life at the moment. So I guess my pie will be "Utter Chaos and Anxiety*" pie! You write about how each of the ingredients represents something relevant to your situation. Can I really make a pie of whiskey, cereal and asprin? It's going to be a challenge but I think I can!

But seriously, what do I love more than writing creative essays and baking pies? Putting them together is not only thrilling but also signals that there are other dweebs just like me, right here in Portland. I will NOT be revealing my recipe until the day of the contest OBVIOUSLY, but I will keep you posted with any great success or failures.

*Clearly, we are remaining remarkably chipper and enthusiastic. However, buying a house sucks and if you don't want to walk around with the shakes and your cellphone glued to your palm I might recommend that you avoid it.

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