28 May 2009

Justice is Served

I'll tell you the tale of another waitress's pain since currently I don't have any good ones.

She works at a restaurant in my old NW neighborhood. She works hard... oh, how she works long. One beautiful afternoon as she served lunch, she had a table of business men. Nothing new here. They had money, light personalities, and shiny, pointed shoes (I'm guessing, as most of them do). They ordered cappuccino's with which to finish their meal. She went to make them, and when she returned, they were gone. Her blood pressure shot up and she furiously ran out to the sidewalk. There they were, in their big, fancy, dumb car trying to drive away. But alas, they were parked in. She approached the car and knocked on the window.
"You seem to have forgotten to PAY YOUR BILL?!?!?!?!" She hissed.
"Oh well my car seems to have been parked in, so I guess thats justice".

So guys, that's justice. When your Mercedes SUV (or whatever) gets parked in while you are walking out on your bill from a restaurant, That. Is. JUSTICE.

Thank you Samantha for the heart warming and educational lesson of the Business Man and the Justice System.

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