26 May 2009


I find it harder and harder to remember what happened at work the moment I walk out the door, these days. I went out drankin' with my beautiful co-workers the other night, and none of us could remember what crap had gone on mere moments before. What can you whine about when you can't even remember a single person's face or bad attitude from the evening? I have to practice word games to help jog my memory (which is a frail and faulty tangled web of lies anyway) such as : mean. nice. rude. poorly dressed. handsome. abusive. sexist. sexy. sexless. OH YEAH! And then I can launch into another boring waitressing story. But even the game isn't helping me tonight, and I really wanted to get snarky.

I will tell you that me and the Hollys got hit on by this can of vegetables

And in a much more annoying way by this balding I mean budding comedy star:

Anyway. Staff meal on saturday night was baked potato bar with rapini in smokey onion cheese sauce. Um... Are you kidding me? Broccoli and cheese on a baked potato? It was very soothing.

In other news I had a fantastic meal here including red velvet cake for dessert, and a famous burger at this famous spot in my new neighborhood!


MuffinCastle said...

Don't you ever call your waitress stories boring. When do you move into the house that you own?!

Jenny said...