10 May 2009

TV for Winners

You know how when you are at work you have "at work" conversations? You might be talking about something very inappropriate, or mindlessly and lovingly chatting about your pets- no matter what it is, it has a certain at-workieness about it. There is a show called Party Down that captures these conversations so well, and is also very funny. I watch my TV on the internet, so I don't know where this show lives on real TV, but you should find it and watch it. The show is about how painful catering and working with the public is, and so I think anyone from the service industry will really enjoy it. When I was riding my bike to work yesterday (yay) I saw a catering company carrying some trays into the Chinese Gardens downtown. One of the guys was making his all black uniform a little more spicy by wearing black velvet pants. Very hot. I cackled. I love this show.
Here is Constance (Jane Lynch) behaving just as I do in the workplace:

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